Free shipping on all orders within India
Free shipping on all orders within India
We started out with fabric rolls, which were then crafted into pieces meant to go places. At Sureena Chowdhri simplicity, and a hand and drape that surpasses seasons, is at the heart of the brand. Borrowing from themes that are central to our times, our designs are relevant, easy-wearing, and replete with special detail.
Our fledging brand is flexible, bold and relentlessly taking on the brave, new world. There is sustainability in the way we think and luxury in the way we feel. Being firm believers of the ‘less is more’ philosophy, our design language is simple, minimal, versatile, sustainable and well-thought.
Whether it is an outfit that can be worn multiple ways, a simple accessory that elevates the look or an outfit that happens to be the perfect fit for multiple occasions, we’re always on the lookout for ways to offer more functionality thereby creating value for our customer.
The value certainly does not end with a completed purchase, as to us, our relationship with our customers is beyond just the seamless shopping experience that we endeavour to offer. We’re always looking to learn and adapt and the feedback received from our community of customers allows us to grow from strength to strength.
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